Our Forest.

With every order, you are helping contribute to the Bore project in Kenya. This project has grown into a unique community forestry initiative that aims to help the people of Bore in Kenya's Coastal Province find sustainable ways to conserve their existing tropical forest. 300 participating members are organised into a co-operative that work together to plant the trees and implement other associated development projects.

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We selected the Bore project because of its contribution to the environment and the local community.

In Ireland, we have trees, forests, jobs, education, and health care. By working with this project it helps provide all of these privileges to some families in Bore. This project helps to provide:

  • Young girls and boys access quality education in properly equipped schools.

  • Creates employment opportunities for poor local communities and reduces exposure and vulnerability to extreme weather events.

  • Through a selection of tree species generating edible by-products (fruit, nuts, seeds, edible leafs) the project contributes to improving the nutrition of local communities and help the region becoming more resilient to famine.

  • Aims to reduce inequality between women and men, empowering female farmers/workers.

This is a beautiful project that is continuously growing in the region. You can help contribute to this project directly from the link below or simply shop HAM. 

100 trees.

Offsetting 6.92T of C02

We have planted.

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